Friday, March 20, 2009

Feb. 8th

I had no idea my email didnt work. im sorry mommy. i hope this one works. ----So you talked to Elder McRaes mom? thats freakin awesome, how did that go? I didnt have a hard time, i just was a little shy and scared to talk to people? im over that now, i am the king! haha just kidding, but Elder McRae and I are growin to be best buddies! We are pretty tight and all we talk about is home and girls and work.. just the old life haha.
I CANT WAIT TO GET MY PACKAGE! Im so excited, Elder McRae just got like 4 because eevryone thinks he is dead. Its pretty awesome, i love it, i get to eat some stuff from his packages. Its pretty sweet. Thanks for writing all my friends and tellin them to write me, i love letters they pretty much keep the work going smooth and i dont want to kill myself. ;) Anyways, its finally official, im a missionary, i have began to teach lessons in my sleep with Elder McRae, its kind of cool because i testify and then he teaches, then testifies, and then its my turn again. Its kinda funny because we sometimes wake up and talk to each other while the other is still asleep. haha we have fun!---Anywho, thats awesome you are all sendin me a birthday package, Grammy said she is sending one too.. so im looking forward to it. Somethings i want are like, Muddy Buddys, cake mixes, cookie mixes (if tey have theM?) uh, salsa! dorritos, frittos, no popcorn, no microwave ;) maybe some taco shells, for chips and salsa.. new g's would be awesome, uhm... pictures, fruity pebbles, no chocolate, they have that here, gummy worms, gummy bears, padded envelopes so i can send a CD with all my pictures on it... maybe some gum. idk, just throw some stuff in there, i will love anything.. maybe some home made cookies, CANDY HEARTS>> love those! yeah.. thats all i've got.
Im happy Ragan is doin so well, and Makenzie is going to Utah, I hope everything works out fine. I keep reading my patriarchal blesssing and it says i should always remember that families are eternal.. it kind of scares me because it makes me think somebody is going to die? i dont think it will happen but.. idk? it creeps me out.
yeah so anyways, i think that something is going on with my tooth that broke, i think that it may be absessed? my gums swell like crazy everyday and my tooth kills me sometimes, so i think i might get a vacation to SA soon to see an oral surgeon. ITs been like this fro almost a week and a half so.. idk what should i do?? help me out?
So the dogs are doin good and life is almost bck to normal? Youre doin pre-school dad is gone a lot again.. and life is just normal? cool. How is the new bishop? who is it? is he cool, or wierd?
So here in africa, we are not doing so much work we have i think lik 6 potential baptisms coming up in the future if they continue to learn and such. Uh, i think we will have 2 by March 1st. So i am loving it. I actually had a wierd experience the other day... one of our investigators, her name is Aida.. she called from school and was talking about the Book of Mormon and how she loves it so much.. she is like 14 i think, but she started asking about america and when i was going home.. so i told her not until 2011? so she was like, well, i love the book of mormon, and i love you.... I was like..Uh.. what? she said i love you and when you go back home, i am going with you. and we are going to have a family. I love you bye.. yeah dead serious. It was so crazy, i told Elder McRae and he was a little upset about it because he has only been offered a kiss. SO that tells you one thing, im the cuter elder ;) hahah!! no worries tho, she is way far away and i think i will be transfered before she comes back from school. SO thats my week, its pretty cool im doin really good besides the whole, tooth thing... but i am sure i will be just fine. I love you so so so much! And i miss you all ike crazy! stay strong, im almost home ;) haha
Love your baby boy