Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Area- Kabowa, Uganda

This is the letter we just received from Mark on Jan. 19th 2009.

im always walking.. i swear we walk at least 20 miles a day.. its hard on the way home because i am so tired hahaAnyways things are great here in Uganda, im sorry there was a mix up with the mission site.. that sucks. haha. I had no idea, but im not coming home anytime soon. I promise. We had an awesome turn out again this week at church.. we had 33 people at sacrament! haha just kidding we actually had 109 which is really good, the average before i came was 65 people. so we are kickin a and taking names ;)Im glad you are gettins some pictures, elder deal is in a nicer area than i am and gets nice computers.. im still using one of the firsts mac's ever.. its liike a generator.. hahaanyways, we have 2 baptisms set for march 1st but they will probably be moved.. one kid is going back to school on feb 15th or something and its a boprding school so he is gone for like 6 months or somethin? sucks but its ok, he is a golden investigator and already wants to serve a mission. Good thjings! the food is a bit scarce here, im not going to lie, i have gotten the runs a lot here, its just how it is... i think im finally getting used to the food here so its not bad anymore- we have eaten some cool stuff.. Ants with wings(taste like almonds) chicken feet, and head!(yummy! not bad at all) grasshoppers(taste just like dorritos chips no joke) and termite or white ant season is coming up! cant wait! haha im pretty excited for the months to come, on wednesday is zone conference, its going to be bomb sauce. I am loving Africa so much. Oh hey send me some [pictures, everyone wants to see the family. So if you can do that it would be awesome!Anyways, thats life here in africa so far, i'll write next monday. I love you and Im happy that im here, serving the Lord, and you will have to tell grammy thank you. I am writing her today so.. i will tooSO... I LOvE yOU !!!!!!!!!!!xcoxoxxox -elder carter