Friday, March 20, 2009

Feb. 15th

Hey mom
Things are going great here in Africa. I had my first baptism in the district on sunday. It was a woman named Winnie Najjuma. She has been waiting for two years to be baptised and her husband just allowed her to this week. COol stuff, its going to be the conversion story of the month in the news letter. Also, i set my first baptismal date with a guy named Paul Katende. Things are going so well here. The work has really began to pick up. Its great. I am loving it so much. I cant wait until i get those packages, its going to be the best birthday present ever haha.
So how are things at home, i hear dad is ready to kill Ragan and Daniel. That sucks a little. Im sorry. He is a fag, what happend with her not liking him anymore? i dont get it.
Anywho, my tooth has been healed, it disappeared, i prayed, and it was gone. No joke. I think i might have hit it on the bed or something? Im not too sure? its all good tho, im fine now, thanks for sending toothpaste tho, that will help a ton! Im pretty excited for this upcoming transfer, Elder McRae and I are together for another 6 weeks, and we are still going to be rocking the area. He has only been on mission for 5 months. He will go home in September of 2010. We are doing so well, the area really has come alive again. We found like 10 new people and they are all so wonderful. Its better than its ever been before. I am loving it. I hope the family and everyone is doing well. I have gotten letters mainly from grandpa and grandma carter, they are the only ones who have written me. That and Mike Ralphs wrote me too. So I think things will start to pick up. I sent out i think 7 on wednesday so.. we'll see who my real friends are. I dont know what else to tell you, im goin to send a CD of pictures soon, i was going to do it today but the place im at is out of disks so.. yeah. Next monday i will get it done and send it out!
I love you mom! stay strong and keep workin hard.
Im prayin for you
-Elder Carter

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