Friday, March 20, 2009

Feb. 22nd 2009

Im doing so well. Thanks mommy. This week was a little wierd. As you know its tuesday. We had our P-day cancelled yesterday for zone conference. It was great but i still havent gotten any packages. I got your three letters, the two with quotes and the other from Andrea Brown. They were sucha help i used one for a spiritual thought actually ;)
Anyways, last wednesday i was really sick, i dont know with what, but i think it was the 24 hour flu. I stayed in all day. Slept from 10-8 then from 9-to 6:30 the next morning. It was great rest but a horrible time. I elt so bad for my cmopanion elder mcrae. He was so bored and i wanted to go out but i just couldnt do it. Im fine now, the rest must have cured me because i feel better than ever.
The work is continuing to progress out here in Africa, at the Zone Conference, Pres C, talked all about Sudan and Rwanda opening up within the next 6-8 months. SO.. its a possibility that i will be able to go there. It would be AWESOME! We are having another baptism on march 15th i think. It is with a man named Paul Katende. I may have already told you this but we puched his date so.. im cant remember. Its going to be great. Besides that we only have a few others in our teaching pool right now. The work seems to be going slow but mission is going fast. I am almost 3 months away from home. March 18th. That means im almost at 21 months left! can you believe it. I cant. Its only like 650 days! wow.. im already scared to come home haha ;)
So the conversion story is in the newsletter and i will bring them home, im saving them in my binder. Its awesome. BUT>> her story is.. she was being taught 2 years ago, and they dropped her from the teahing pool because she wouldnt get married. Her husband didnt want to becausse piligamy is a huge problem here and she kept praying and staying strong and eventually her husband just gave in and they got married on the 14th and baptised on the 15th. It was great. They are awesome.
Yeah, but thanks so much for everything.
Im sorry im writing you on a tuesday and didnt make you stress about me being dead or not. Im ok. I actually got hit by a boda boda today. It clipped my elbow and stung like a bee but its all good. It happens.
Thanks fro telling everyone to write me, i havent gotten a letter from anyone besides you and grandma carter. I did write justin seabolt the other day so im hoping i get some sooon. Tell Grandma and Grandpa thanks for the packages. I love it! haha its going to be awesome when they all get here a the same time!
Love you Mommy
I love you,. -elder carter

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