Friday, March 20, 2009

March 8th 2009

Sorry its wednesday. We got robbed of a P-day because today we had a mission activity. We went to an amusement park called Di-Di's world. It was like a cheap knock off of lagoon. It was like carnival rides. I got sick of coarse but i kept trucking.. nothin like spinnin around for hours. ;)
Things are good. We set another baptism for March 29th and moved another one to April 5th. So its all good. I love it. Things are finally paying off here. We usually just tract but president came to our house and interviewed us and we need to step up the work even more. The goals he gave us seem a little un real but with faith anything is possible. We need 420 baptisms for the mission meaning 12 per companionship on the year. Now last year i think there was only about 200 so.. its a stretch but we can do it. Also we got new Zone Goals. For our Zone we need to ask at least 15 referals everyday, have 5 potential investigators daily and also 5 new investigators at church weekly. That is going to be the hard one but we can do it!
Im glad Ragan is doing so well. Im happy for her. I cant wait to come home and see her at her top game. Its going to be B-A! I cant wait. You'll have to send me some pictures or something? idk if you can but if not its cool i can wait.
I got the package! ithink it was the one you sent for my birthday? It was sent on Feb 3rd i think? Im not too sure. I also got one from Grandpa and Grandma Carter. I havent opened them but i will when i get home after this. So thanks so much!
So youre going to trexas. thats cool. im happy you might be able to see Jay and Aubrey. Give them the whats up for me ok? haha, I miss all of the family so bad but i havent had one of those days where i want to come home yet. MIsison is too wonderful. I wont come home early ever. I promise. So.. nothing is really new here, i have about 1000 more pictures to send home again i just have to wait until i get some money. THis month is going to be tight. it will all work out. if i have to starve i will. NO BIG.
Well... im glad things are going well at home. How is Rudy. Is he gone? Pre-school should be bumpin next year which is way cool the Lord is already blessing us. Dad had throwers doing good, and you with pre school. The girls with utah trip and such. Cool beans. I love it!
I love you and im sorry this is a short email. I dont have too much time. I love you!!! give the family my love
-elder carter

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