Friday, March 20, 2009

March 15th 2009

Thats so good. Im glad you were able to talk with them. I miss them too. How are they doing?
So im freaking excited for my other packages! I cant wait. I loved the things you sent. especially the toffe popcorn stuff! idk if you sent that or if grandma and grandpa did? i dont know but it was GREAT! I love the candy and the food. Its going to feed me for this month when i run out of money. So im glad! ha
So Texas was cool. You had to fly home by yourself? why is that? Did dad have to stay or to go with the team? Im sorry you had to set between the fat dudes. Thats how it was at the MTC for me, i sat by gubler and davis and i almost died.. Now they both have lost about 15 pounds so its working out!
The girls are in utah? they made it safely.. thats good. im glad. How are they doing? i had a crazy dream about utah and everybody. I got married to Becca Yeats and Makenzie and i were coaching some key volleyball team and Ragan was the superstar and then you and dad served a mission somewhere.. just wierd random stuff. The dang Malaria pills mess with my mind!!! They are crazy!!
Nothing is really happening so far with transfers. I am pretty sure i am staying in the same area. The only thing is i dont know if i am stay with McRae or if i am getting a new person. President Christensen asked about leadership in our last interview so im thinkin maybe district leader/trainer. We'll see tho, McRae says no chance but what does he know right? haha Ill let you know they are announced next weekend. So.. dont worry about it. its going to be great.
Today we are going to Entebbe. Lake Victoria. Right there is a place called Botanical gardens. Its pretty legit. Its the cool place to go i guess? we are going to play games and have some fun.. hopefully ;)
So i guess i better get going. I love you mom. Tell dad hi and have some fun while the girls are gone. dont sit around and be lonely!
Love you!!
_ your baby boy_

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