Friday, March 20, 2009

March 1st 2009

Im way good. Nothing too new is going on here. To start off i sent home a little padded envelope.. it had some stuff in it mainly just a CD with pics/videos on it, Uhm a tape with the whole MTC and such on it, that is probably a waste.. to many people joked around on it so its pretty boring.. just fast forward until you hear me.. then it gets good. ;)
So the week has been ok. We only had 90 at church but we had 15 investigators for the whole zone.. i think we had 6, then the other elders had 7 and the sisters had 2? It was awesome. All the tracting i have been doing is paying off. The two people Elder McRae and i are teaching right now are Paul Katende, he is African, and is a really smart dude, a wierd one but smart. He is 21 and he had missionaries teach him in 2006 but he went to bording school, and never got back in touch. He is back now and we set a baptismal date a few weeks back but he is now busy with University again and is hard to get with. We bounced his date to the 22nd. I hope it all works out if not, i think i'll be transfered.. SO? ya
the other is Kawawa! He is AMAZING I love this guy so much, he is a military deserter from the mouth of the Nile River.. (idk where that is..its not Egypt) He is so cool. He stays with a member named Ben Beluga. Ben brought him to Movie night here at the church and we taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He wanted to learn more immediatly like all the lessons at once. BUT we had to spread it out of coarse. We have taught him 2 times this week, one was prayer, and he had an instant testimony of prayer.. he needed a job or money so he could pay the military so he could leave and not be chased down... the next day found 1.5 million UGS!!! (shillings) He was digging a long drop or a out house pretty much and found it buried about 4 feet down. it was about 3 million but they could only salvage half of it.. it was so cool to hear about! I really like this guy, he is always at church, and activities. He is a golden investigator. We are going to set a date this week sometime i think? I'll let you know next monday.
Birthday was ok? It wasnt really a birthday, it was a work day. It started by getting woken up by elder thomas in his underwear(boxer man) and he jumped on my bed and broke my mosquito net.. i fixed it. Then later went and played pin the tail on the donkey.. it was so lame but so fun at the same time.. then we went to work like it was a regular day! Pretty cool huh? haha!! I saw you girls went to Chili's thats pretty cool I miss real take out food. LIke i eat eggs, beans, rice and chipate everyday!! if im lucky, i get meat, which is usually offles or "awfuls" we call them, its intestines.. not bad just tough. Ugh.. yeah. We eat a lot of Matooki.. its like mashed potatoes, but its small bananas tht are cooked in banana leaves. Tasty. SO TASTY!! haha
well... i dont know what else to tell you, i still dont know about the whole Africa clothes dirv thing Ragan wants to do, i havent talked to president in a while. Uh, the packages may have gotten here today but i dont know yet the ZLs went to Kololo to pick up the mail and go to the doc so i'll find out soon enough..
Thanks mommy, i love you and i get to call you next transfer! looking forward to it! cant wait!